High purity flakes to close the material flow

New guidelines are leading to an increase in the volume of PET bottles collected. With this influx of bottles, full service is becoming increasingly important. Reiling is prepared to fulfill this need, offering an entire range of services from collection to processing to creating end products.
At Reiling, the sorting systems play a decisive role in the sorting of PET flakes. (Source: Sesotec)

The PET bottles are delivered to Reiling’s facilities in compressed briquettes or bales. Before the PET bottles can be processed, each bottle needs to be separated from the compressed mass so it can be washed and sorted according to color. After the shredding and washing processes, the flakes are cleaned again using a sorting system. For those who will eventually buy the flakes, color and material purity are of central importance, as high-quality starting materials are needed to manufacture new products.

Reiling Kunststoff Recycling uses state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently process their PET flakes, ensuring that buyers receive only recyclate with the highest material and color purity. The Flake Purifier+ systems from Sesotec play an important role in the PET sorting process at their recycling facilities. The sorting system is equipped with an array of sensors that make it possible to separate PET flakes according to color, metal contaminants, and type of plastic in one run. The newest models of the sorting system are currently in use at Reiling facilities in Marienfeld and at the new location in Burgbernheim.

High quality with low loss of good material

On top of optimal sorting capabilities, Flake Purifier+ can be efficiently integrated into the overall system, offering precise fits for connections at material feeding and outlet points. Feed hoppers transfer the PET flakes to the main conveyor of the sorting system for sorting. Material that is rejected from the main conveyor is automatically fed back into the system via a recovery lane. The big advantage: the majority of good material will be recovered, and only minimal good material will be lost during sorting.

Andreas Schragen, Managing Director of Reiling Kunststoff Recycling, is convinced of the value provided by Sesotec’s all-round service: “Our facilities have benefited from Sesotec’s reliability and competence for many years. The new Flake Purifier+ series makes it possible to achieve a closed material cycle. We can even guarantee flakes that are pure enough for use in food contact applications.”


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