ProfitGuard announces expansion

ProfitGuard (PG), a provider of business credit information to the metals and manufacturing industry, has announced the launch of its new Specialty Division for its credit reporting and risk management service.
Source: Christo Anestev;

The new division will focus on industries that are closely aligned with PG’s current business model and niche credit reporting capabilities. Among the segment’s PG will now offer its expanded services to are paper and plastics recycling, plastics, chemicals, and other related concerns.

The expansion will leverage the latest technology, empowered by PG’s exclusive credit network which brings trade payment contributors in each industry sector together and provides state of the art credit risk management tools and information along with enhanced risk monitoring. “The best credit decisions are made with objective information reviewed by an experienced eye. Our platform harnesses the power of these items into one system, making credit decisions more effective than ever” says Jason Dworin, Director of PG.

PG’s credit management platform truly provides a start to finish credit risk management solution including:

    • PG Virtual Credit Networks: An exclusive network of suppliers can communicate confidentially on their common customers, within anti-trust compliance, to provide credit insight to each other, while also viewing their respective trade data in real-time.
    • PG Score: ProfitGuard’s proprietary default score which predicts the likelihood of a customer experiencing a default or insolvency within the next 12 months.
    • PQI Score: A score that will integrate industry payment information into PG’s platform. The PQI, developed by Credit2B in partnership with ProfitGuard’s credit network, is a highly predictive score based on a weighted payment trend scoring index and predicts the probability of prompt payment.
    • Ask an Analyst: ProfitGuard’s analysts are accessible through our platform to answer your unique questions on credit decisions, your customers, or whatever expertise you may require.
    • Risk Monitoring: Active risk monitoring by our analyst team, allowing you to stay abreast of customer risk. Passive risk monitoring offered free to all trade contributors.

ProfitGuard’s experienced analyst team remains its competitive advantage and will now be accessible for these new segments. “In today’s credit environment, when making a tough credit decision the human insight adds a tremendous amount of value to our client’s credit decision process” says David Gibson, PG’s Chief Operating Officer.

The Pandemic and resulting credit crisis have really changed credit management. “Today, timely information is more important than ever. You cannot rely on financials that were considered current just 6 months ago. PG provides its clients with the tools they need to safely navigate credit risk in a fluid credit environment”, Bobby Soper, PG’s Vice President and Senior Analyst.


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