Sustainable watches from Joago

Joago produces sustainable watches by incorporating solar technology, sustainable materials, and providing circular economic initiatives such as the retrieval of 1 lb of ocean waste per purchase.
Photo: Joago

The company offers three different watches. Soleos is powered by solar energy and is made from recycled stainless steel 316. The Eos watch is also made from recycled stainless steel 316 and comes with a high-quality Japanese movement. It comes with a high function moon phase. Terra is made from the same material and also has a Japanese movement. According to the company, it was Designed by studying the simplicity and beauty of our planet earth”. The straps of the watches are either made from ocean waste collected from coastal areas in Southeast Asia or from pineapple waste from the Philippines.

At the moment, the company is working on a kickstarter project to fund a non-profit organisation in Dakar, Senegal, which according to the company is one of most polluted areas in the world. The company wants to work on coral reef farming to rebuild marine ecosystems as well as collect and up-cycle the ocean waste. Supportes can purchase the watches at a lower price during the kickstarter project. The company also states that it will pull one pound of trash out of the oceans from each purchase which will be reused to create the ocean waste products.

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