Ceflex shows new market potential for recyclates from flexible packaging

A new Quality Recycling Process (QRP) for flexible packaging, from Ceflex and its stakeholders, shows high value applications for recycled polymers from a mechanical recycling process is viable.

Ceflex says the process has been developed in the consortium’s Sustainable End Markets workstream. “We have reached a milestone through the power of value chain collaboration and expertise in waste management of flexible packaging,” said Dana Mosora, workstream lead. “Our trials have shown good yields and delivered recyclate quality suitable to replace virgin polymer grades in a number of demanding film and flexible packaging applications.”

The Ceflex stakeholder team set out to deliver commercial quantities of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) film quality recyclates for a range of non-food flexible packaging markets not currently open to household collected post-consumer flexible recyclates. With this milestone reached, the Ceflex workstream is planning industrial trials to underpin the business case for investment in infrastructure which can leverage the QRP into a mainstream solution.



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