M&K Plastik invests in Untha shredder for remanufacturing operation

M&K Plastik has invested in an UNTHA RS40 four shaft shredder to transform its recycling operation.

The plastic remanufacturing specialist processes pre-sorted HDPE and PP material collected from municipal waste sorting plants, to support the circular economy and the regranulating of valuable plastics.

And now an Untha plastic shredder with pusher technology, lies at the heart of the recycling facility.

An Untha customer since 2016, M&K Plastik handles approximately 500 kg per hour and shreds the waste down to a homogenous 40mm particle. Further downstream equipment then refines the fraction for regranulation.

Commenting on the investment in an Untha machine, M&K Plastik’s co-owner Marek Kurkowski said: “We thoroughly researched the market before selecting the RS40. It sits at the beginning of our processing line, so the shredder’s output quality influences the success of our whole recycling operation.

“This shredder was by far the best choice. It is a robust and reliable unit, with high performance – especially in terms of uptime. We spend minimal time on ongoing maintenance and the cutters are long-lasting. This means we’re far more efficient in terms of human resources, and we’ve reduced operating costs by an estimated 20%.”

The first shredder ever to be designed and patented by UNTHA, the globally-acclaimed RS40 remains one of the most tried-and-tested pieces of equipment manufactured by this 50-year-old brand. Suitable for shredding plastic bottles, barrels, packaging, production waste, car bumpers, tetra paks and more, this 3.6 tonne machine is renowned for its high torque cutting system and defined fraction sizing.

“I think this Untha machine deserves particular praise for its durability, reliability, throughputs, energy efficiency and operator safety,” continued Marek Kurkowski “I would definitely recommend the RS40 plastic shredder.”


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