General Assembly of FEAD

On Tuesday this week, FEAD, the European Waste Management Association, representing the private waste management industry across Europe, held a successful General Assembly of its members.
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FEAD is pleased to present some of the most important developments taking place in the association. The association welcomed on board BORA, the Bulgarian Recovery and Recycling Association, FEAD’s first Bulgarian Member, in addition to a new permanent member of the FEAD Board from Polish member, PIGO. FEAD will now be focusing even more on eastern-Europe.

Colleagues from the United Kingdom, ESA, will remain and continue their collaboration with FEAD.

The new member of the board coming from Dutch association, DWMA, will be pivotal in increasing the role of FEAD’s business in European affairs.

The association also welcomed its first seven affiliated members, allowing private waste management companies to be directly associated to our work and provide FEAD with more resources.

Peter Kurth, FEAD’s President states: “I am happy and proud after yesterday’s meeting. After intense discussions we made some good steps forward. In times of the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan, our companies have to have a strong voice in Europe.”


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