Andritz starts up reject handling line in Laos

Andritz has started up a complete reject handling line as well as key stock preparation equipment at Sun Paper Savannakhet, Savannakhet Province, Laos.
ADuro P shredder, type 2000, for one-step handling of light rejects. Photo: Andritz

Andritz’s scope of supply includes a compete reject handling line that processes rejects from the mill’s two OCC lines and the pulp drying line on site and has a design capacity of 400 t/d.

The innovative reject line delivered and started up by Andritz comprises the following key equipment:

  • Reject Compactor ReCo for dewatering the light rejects from coarse and drum screening to highest dryness
  • ADuro P shredder equipped with a unique knife system and a robust rotor to ensure that the material is cut to the required particle sizes in only one step
  • ADuro C shredder with special coupled shafts to facilitate knife exchange during maintenance and thus reduce downtime

In addition, Andritz installed approach flow systems and broke handling as well as several stock preparation components as part of two OCC lines. The stock preparation systems feed two paper production lines that feature a maximum capacity of 1,434 t/d each and produce high-quality test liner and corrugated paper as their final product.


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