Industry partnership sees Untha’s expansion in Russia

Two Untha XR waste shredders are now in operation in Russia, following a collaboration between the Austrian-headquartered engineering firm and Kaluzhskiy Zavod Kommunalnih Mashin (KZKM).

The duo of machines is set to shred 1 000 000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per year for the Russian State.

The deal represents Untha’s first venture into Russia, where it is hoped the brand will continue to increase its market share over the next five years.

As a municipal machinery specialist, KZKM has historically concentrated primarily on the manufacture, supply and maintenance of heavy industrial equipment for Russia’s road infrastructure. However, the company’s growing reputation has led to wider expansion, which resulted in the firm being the main technology provider for a new recycling plant in Kaluga region– part of the country’s nationwide waste collection program, Ecology.

Keen to combine knowledge, and partner with the most experienced waste shredding specialist – irrespective of location – the team entered into talks with a number of international vendors. But visits to reference sites, to see existing installations in action, led the team to invest in Untha.

Commenting on the project, KZKM’s deputy development director Anton Ropot said: “With the shredders required to work 24/7 in this facility, we needed to thoroughly research the investment. We had high standards for the recycling plant, and the shredders would prove a crucial part of the line. Seeing the machinery with our own eyes was therefore the only option.

“And we have not been disappointed. Untha has consistently met our high expectations in terms of shredder durability, reliability, uptime, throughputs, operator safety, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness – 100%!”

The MSW – which is collected from dozens of neighbouring towns and cities – is shredded down to a 200mm fraction size, for onward treatment and recycling.

Following the rigorous training provided by Untha’s own engineers, the plant is now fully maintained by KZKM.

“When choosing a shredder, it is crucial to compare everything, from the attitude of the supplier down to the finest technical detail,” continued Anton. “Only then do you know what you are truly paying for. This is why we chose Untha.”


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