Geocycle doubles co-processing capabilities with Untha shredder

Global waste management specialist Geocycle has doubled the capacity of its co-processing facility in Costa Rica, following the investment in an UNTHA waste shredder.

The XR3000C is now operational in Geocycle Costa Rica – a 100% subsidiary of cement manufacturer LafargeHolcim – as part of their sustainable efforts, recovering waste throughout the co-processing technology to progress towards a zero-waste future.

Having made the 6,000-mile journey from UNTHA’s engineering HQ in Austria, the 24-tonne shredder is processing locally sorted Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) – as well as hazardous and non-hazardous Industrial Solid Waste (ISW) – for recycling and energy recovery.

In a single step – in other words, with only one machine – the XR now helps to manufacture a 3.5” Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) product for co-processing in the Holcim Costa Rica cement kiln.

Commenting on the collaboration, Geocycle’s general manager Wilkie Mora Bolanos said: “We have operated in Costa Rica since 2000, with the purpose of rethinking waste to create a zero-waste future. Everything about our operation is regenerative, so we seek to partner with engineering specialists who can transform waste from a costly, time consuming business risk, into a valuable resource which strengthens the environmental, social and economic agendas of local communities.

“Having worked with UNTHA in other countries, the XR3000C was chosen for its flexibility, high-capacity and single step alternative fuel capabilities. We also knew it would be supported by a world-class engineering team.”

Commenting on the selection of this shredding technology, Wilkie added: “Investing in only one shredder saves space and improves production flexibility. The adaptability of the XR is also amazing – meaning we can handle a wide range of input materials with only one machine. We’ve doubled our capacity since installing the technology and reduced our RDF production costs.”

As the contents of inbound waste can never be guaranteed, the XR is supplied with in-built foreign object protection, as standard. This auto-stop process protects the machine from damage and ensures the debris can be quickly and safely removed, for production continuity.
“We feel empowered with the XR,” continued Wilkie. “We can operate in an ultra-efficient mode to keep our energy consumption to a minimum – up to 75% lower than diesel hydraulic machines in the market. And we have the flexibility to boost throughputs too, which is really important given variable market conditions.”

Geocycle services over 10,000 customers in 50 countries globally. The company was borne out of the activities of its parent company LafargeHolcim – the world’s largest cement manufacturer – and utilises existing cement facilities to sustainably resolve waste challenges by co-processing.

There are currently over 20 Untha shredders in operation in Geocycle facilities worldwide.


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