Untha continues expansion into Japan

Industrial shredder manufacturer Untha is continuing its global expansion with an exclusive distributor agreement with Axia, in Japan.

The partnership reflects growing demand from the nation’s Waste to Energy market, with alternative fuel manufactured from plasticised material currently proving particularly popular.

Axia – headquartered in Kurashiki City – has therefore already taken delivery of a mobile XR unit, to use as a demonstration machine on customer sites throughout the country. Capable of handling municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, and waste wood – as well as bulky materials such as tyres, mattresses, textiles and more – the XR is a high performance shredder, also available as a stationary machine.

To date, it has been used to process Japan’s plastic film rolls, baled plastics and textiles, to name just a few.

Commenting on the current environmental landscape, Axia’s CEO Kazunori Kawata said: “China’s ban on waste plastic imports means Japan – like many other overseas countries – has really sharpened up on its domestic recycling capabilities. There are many locally manufactured machines available here, but the introduction of Untha’s engineering experience – particularly when it comes to shredding for the production of alternative fuel – will really disrupt the market.

“Operators are starting to think differently about machine reliability, throughputs and lifecycle costs. As a nation, we must increase our productivity and capacity, and we need a different class of machine to be able to do this – one that is highly configurable, versatile and built to last. Output precision is also crucial.”

The XR’s Eco Power Drive with water-cooled synchronous motors has attracted further attention.

“If Japan is to enhance its commitment to the environment, it is important that we seek to use energy efficient technologies within our waste and recycling facilities,” continued Kazunori Kawata. “Renowned globally for using 75% less energy than competitors’ diesel-hydraulic machines, this doesn’t just improve the net carbon impact of the process – it keeps fuel costs low too! Some customers have been known to save the equivalent of 15m Japanese Yen per year – if not more – in fuel consumption costs alone.”

Axia has already placed orders for six Untha XR shredders, which are currently being commissioned in Japan and will be maintained by Axia’s own engineers thereafter. Customers include waste specialists and alternative fuel producers for thermal power plants.


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