New VIS-SWIR camera from Emberion

Emberion has launched its wide spectral bandwidth 400-2000 nm VIS-SWIR camera Emberion VS20.
(Photo: Emberion)

It can be used for moisture detection, distinguish different materials, packaging inspection, optical sorting (e.g. plastic recycling & food sorting) night vision, enabling hyperspectral imaging, and eventually medical and automotive sectors.

The Emberion’s VS20 at 1475nm can see through plastic packaging in order to detect food quality or presence of foreign bodies inside the package.

Pistachios are visible through the plastic packaging, the labels are partially transparent in SWIR light. (Photo: Emberion)

The non-linear response characteristic and the wider spectral sensitivity range of Emberion colloidal quantum dot sensor offer a wider dynamic range with clear contrast differences. The dynamic range advantage will allow dark and bright objects to be detected at the same time and offer better detection capabilities in the machine vision optical sorting industry and surveillance sector.

Emberion produces infrared cameras based on its unique nanomaterials such as quantum dot based sensor solution and custom CMOS read out integrated circuit. Their sensors provide superior responsivity with low noise over a broad spectral range from visible to near infrared/short-wave infrared (NIR/SWIR) wavelengths. The dynamic operation range of the image sensor is very large, owing to the low noise and non-saturating characteristics of the photodetector. A stable performance over a wide operational temperature range is ensured with a thermo-electric cooling (TEC) element built in the image sensor package. Emberion offers a fully functional camera core comprising implementations for sensor readout, control, and calibration, analog-to-digital signal conversion, image pre-processing, thermal control, power management and standard digital camera interface.

The non-linear response characteristic and the wider spectral sensitivity range of Emberion cQD sensor offer a wider dynamic range, see the contrast differences in the clouds, balconies and car windows. Photo: Emberion

Moving onto next spring Emberion will increase the speed of its cameras to 400 fps. Its ROIC will also allow to switch from its linear and non-linear mode instantly for taking advantage of its high dynamic range operation. Additionally Emberion is also developing an ultra-broadband solution that will cover from VIS-SWIR-MWIR for simultaneous imaging for enabling surveillance and hyperspectral imaging.


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