Liebherr wheel loaders for BTB Group

Three new L 586 XPower units have recently been put into operation at BTB Group Berlin's 25-hectare recycling facility.
One of the new L 586 XPower units at BTB Group Berlin. Photo: LIebherr

A multitude of recycling plants – approved in accordance with the German Emission Control Act (BImSchG) – operate at the complex, and a total of up to one million tonnes of mineral and non-mineral construction waste is processed, handled, and reused annually. The new Liebherr wheel loaders feed crushers and screeners with construction waste and load lorries with processed material. The L 586 XPower, Liebherr’s largest wheel loader, only requires two to three cycles to load a lorry. This ensures quick and resource-efficient handling of material.

“Powerful, efficient and noticeably more fuel-efficient than the competition: these were the reasons behind our purchasing decision,” reveals BTB Group Berlin company owner Philip Breul. The power-split drive concept of the XPower wheel loaders is what enables this. XPower provides a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drives. The interaction between the two adapts automatically and continuously to the respective application. This, together with Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE), ensures a fuel reduction of up to 30% compared with other wheel loaders in this size class.

Having a fleet painted in the company’s own design is not only good marketing, but also a source of pride for many organizations. For this reason, the BTB Group ordered the three new L 586 XPower units from Liebherr in its company colours. The specialists at Liebherr’s Bischofshofen plant implement special paintwork directly in the production process. This means that the individual components are painted be-fore assembly and then incorporated into the regular production process. This procedure saves subse-quent painting and manual reworking. Liebherr thus achieves a higher degree of quality with custom paintworks.

Like Liebherr, the BTB Group Berlin is a family-run company that stands for versatility in the construction industry. In 1990, Reimar Breul founded the steadily-growing company, which now has over 100 employees. As a specialist in civil engineering, demolition, disposal, and recycling, the BTB Group is in charge of numerous major construction sites in the Berlin area. The company is forward-looking in the field of recycling and uses innovative concepts to produce new building materials from what was once useless construction waste, all of which is aided by numerous construction machines from Liebherr.


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