APK presents fully decolourised plastic recyclates

According to the company, their newcycling technology has proven to succesfully recycle household plastic waste on an industrial scale and that all goals for scaling and decolourisation were achieved.
Transparent LDPE film made of recyclates from APKs post consumer Newcycling campaign left and film made of virgin plastics right Photo: APK

Over the course of 2021, APK implemented an industrial-scale production campaign in several phases at its Merseburg recycling plant. The input material used for the ‘post-consumer Newcycling® campaign’ was film waste from household collections. The first phase generated excellent results with regard to problem-free processing, yield and mechanical values of the recyclate.

With a view to decolourisation, the process parameters were refined in an intermediate laboratory phase. The modified parameters were successfully implemented in November 2021 in the second phase of the campaign by the development team led by Hagen Hanel, head of APK’s Plastics Recycling Innovation Centre. “Our hard work has paid off in full”, states Dr Jürgen Flesch, APK board member who oversees production and technology. “We were able to obtain a light-coloured LDPE-recyclate from mixed, flexible household waste, which was then processed into a film”. The analysis of the material obtained revealed excellent colour and transparency values. “The L-value of our ‘campaign film’ is close to that of films produced from virgin plastics”.


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