Project turns marine litter into furniture for the Marina of Valencia

With funding from CaixaBank and the Bancaja Foundation, Aimplas has completed a project to recover end-of-life fishing nets and other marine litter to manufacture furniture made of 100% recycled plastic.
Photo: Aimplas

Aimplas has successfully completed a project to recover marine litter funded by CaixaBank and the Bancaja Foundation within the framework of their second call on the Environment and Sustainable Development. This project made it possible to manufacture new pieces of furniture, namely, a bench weighing 840 kg and measuring six metres in length made of 100% recycled plastic material and 15% end-of-life fishing nets and other marine litter. The bench was installed at the Innsomnia facilities in the Marina of Valencia at an event held in December.

The presentation was hosted by Guillermo Fernández, Lead Project Manager for Industry 4.0 and Smart Ports at Innsomnia, and one of the speakers was Sonia Albein, the project’s principal investigator and Mechanical Recycling Leader at Aimplas, who explained the project’s technical details. “At Aimplas, we’ve been able to turn plastic waste into a resource thanks to mechanical recycling. This gives it a second life as furniture with an innovative design that emulates the waves of the sea”, she said. The final speaker was Juan Manuel Díez Orejas, Head of Strategic Planning and Innovation at the Port Authority of Valencia, who highlighted the importance the organization places on sustainability.

Also participating in the project were CM Plastik, the company that manufactured the furniture, and Mares Circulares and Asociación Vertidos Cero, which supplied the project organizers with waste and litter collected from the sea for recovery.


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