Municipal waste generation up to 505 kg per person

In 2020, the amount of municipal waste generated per person in the EU amounted to 505 kg, 4 kg per person more than in 2019 and 38 kg more than in 1995.

In total, the EU generated 225.7 million tonnes of municipal waste in 2020, a 1% increase compared to 2019 (+1.8 million tonnes) and +14% compared to 1995 (+27.7 million tonnes). This information comes from data on municipal waste published by Eurostat today.

Municipal waste generation varied considerably among the EU Member States. In 2020, Denmark and Luxembourg were the highest generators of municipal waste, with 845 kg and 790 kg per capita, respectively, followed by Malta (643 kg) and Germany (632 kg).Romania (287 kg), Poland (346 kg) and Hungary (364 kg) led in terms of registering the fewest municipal waste generation per person this year.


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