Doosan completes demolition and material handler lines

With the arrival of the new DX380DM-7 model, Doosan has completed the company’s range of new High Reach Demolition Excavators.
Photo: Doosan

With the arrival of the new DX380DM-7 model, Doosan has completed the company’s range of new High Reach Demolition Excavators.

The DX380DM-7 has joined the existing DX235DM-5 and DX530DM-5 demolition models launched in the last two years.

These are complemented by the company’s new range of Material Handler models and together both ranges cover the majority of applications in the demolition, waste and recycling industry. The new Material Handler range now offers three models – the wheeled DX230WMH-5 and DX250WMH-5 and the tracked DX225MH-5 model.

In all of Doosan’s demolition excavators, the operator is housed in a high visibility, tiltable cab, providing an excellent environment particularly suited to high reach demolition applications, with a 30 degree tilting angle.

All three machines in the High Reach range provide increased flexibility with a modular boom design and hydraulic lock mechanism. This innovative design facilitates an easy change between a demolition boom and an earthmoving boom to accomplish different types of work on the same project, using the same machine. The multi-boom design also allows the earthmoving boom to be mounted in two different ways, which with the demolition boom, provides further flexibility with a total of three different configurations for the same base machine.

A special stand is provided to facilitate the boom changing operation, which is based on quick-change hydraulic and mechanical coupler connections. A cylinder-based system is used to push the locking pins into place to help complete the procedure.

When equipped with the demolition boom, the maximum pin height is 18, 23 and 27.5 m on the DX235DM-5, DX380DM-7 and DX530DM-5, respectively.

When equipped with the digging boom in the straight configuration, the DX235DM-5, DX380DM-7 and DX530DM-5 can work to maximum heights of 9.0, 10.43 and 13.5 m, respectively.

All three models share a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which extends to a maximum width to provide optimum stability when working on demolition sites. The width of the undercarriage can be retracted hydraulically to a narrow width position, for transporting the machines. The adjusting mechanism is based on a permanently lubricated, internal cylinder design which minimises resistance during the movement and helps to prevent damage to the components.

On all the Doosan demolition excavators, standard safety features include a FOGS cabin guard, safety valves for the boom, intermediate boom and arm cylinders and a stability warning system.

Photo: Doosan

Doosan is now offering a choice of three different material handler models. The 23 tonne DX230WMH-5 and DX250WMH-5 25 tonne wheeled machines are based on Doosan’s popular DX210W-5 wheeled excavator. The new DX225MH-5 25 tonne crawler model is based on Doosan’s successful DX225LC-5 22 tonne excavator – the crawler type undercarriage is particularly suited for work in difficult ground conditions.

All three models have been designed specifically for a wide range of material sorting and handling applications such as those in the scrap metal and other solid waste and recycling industries, as well as demolition, forestry and logging.

Designed to carry out the toughest tasks, the DX230WMH-5 and DX250WMH-5 are built with front and rear stabilizers, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks. A standard feature is the hydraulic cab riser, which gives the operator better all-around visibility of the attachment and work area. When combined with the rear view camera display in the cab, the operator has excellent visibility of the job site.

The maximum pin heights on the DX230WMH-5 and DX250WMH-5 are 11.7 m and 12.0 m, the maximum operating reaches are 10.1 m and 10.7 m and the maximum working depths are 4.2 m and 4.7 m, respectively.

The DX225MH-5 is equipped with factory-fitted material handling features such as a 2.5 m elevating cab, a 6.5 m straight boom and a 4.5 m droop nose arm, a counterweight, grapple-ready hydraulics and additional guarding. The maximum pin height in the DX225MH-5 is 11.7 m, the maximum operating reach is 10.6 m and the maximum working depth is 5.2 m. The DX225MH-5 has two arm cylinders for extra balance and more stability and lesser movement when using attachments such as grapples.

The DX230WMH-5 and DX250WMH-5 are powered by the 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06PA water-cooled diesel engine, providing an output of 129.4 kW (173.5 HP). The new DX225MH-5 material handler is powered by the 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06K water-cooled diesel engine, providing an output of 124 kW (166 HP).

An optional generator is available as a turnkey solution without requiring additional modification. For added durability, an optional V-guard protects the machine sides and components behind the doors.


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