New AI vision system to improve yield and quality for PET & HDPE recyclers

TrueCircle AI now enables 24/7 real time composition analysis by weight for PET and HDPE recyclers.
Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

TrueCircle has announced the launch of their latest product, TrueCircle AI for Plastic Recyclers. This vision system has been built specifically to help PET and HDPE reprocessors and recyclers improve their efficiency and profitability through AI powered, highly accurate and real time composition analysis.

“TrueCircle AI is already being used by forward thinking recyclers across Europe, such as Viridor and CleanTech, to increase their yield consistently and drive efficiency throughout their plants,” says Rishi Stocker, CEO of TrueCircle. “We are thrilled to see just how proactively recyclers are using our real time dashboards and alerts to increase recycling rates.”

TrueCircle AI enables facilities to track and constantly improve their yield. Facilities that install vision systems on their infeed and outfeed conveyor belts are able to assess at any time exactly how much good target material they are losing instead of converting into finished product.

The new vision AI product allows reprocessors to accurately assess the quality of each of their suppliers, optimise their infeed material costs and focus their purchasing efforts.

Other new features and benefits include:

  • TrueCircle AI can recognise and accurately classify plastic and non-plastic materials into over 100 categories
  • TrueCircle AI is deployed by recyclers on their output lines to the flaker to automate all quality checks required at this point.
  • An automated food grade report is especially popular with users – TrueCircle reports on food grade percentage composition, enabling much more robust compliance with EFSA regulations and other relevant certifications.
  • TrueCircle AI allows facility operators to set up automated alerts (via SMS, WhatsApp, or email) which notify them as soon as there are any issues which require attention, helping them to increase yield and reduce flake failures.


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