Approval of 2LIFES’ Action Plans to promote re-use

RREUSE welcomes the approval of the action plans developed by the partners of the 2LIFES project, which aims at promoting re-use through public policies.
Photo: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

For almost 3 years, 2LIFES’ partners have conducted workshops and study visits to identify, analyse and replicate good practices in the field of re-use, with the ultimate aim to gain a better understanding of the success factors, challenges, costs, and impact of specific initiatives. This learning journey leads to an Action Plan, a document laying down specific measures and initiatives to promote re-use.

RREUSE particularly recognises and appreciates initiatives aiming to involve social enterprises and work integration in re-use policies, thus promoting job opportunities for disadvantaged people distanced from the labour market.

For instance, the Action Plan prepared by EMULSA (Gijón, Spain) will improve Reusapp, a project launched in 2018 by which the citizens of Gijón can take to a recycling and re-use centre the objects that they no longer want or need. EMULSA then uploads them to an app where any citizen can view and reserve free of charge the items that may interest them. To scale up this initiative, EMULSA will partner with a social enterprise, carrying out a tender awarded through a reserved contract. This will allow the improvement of Reusapp (opening hours, management, and customer service) whilst creating job opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion.

Similarly, ANEL (Nicosia, Cyprus) included in the Action Plan the development of two intermunicipal re-use and repair centres serving all 5 regions in Cyprus. These centres will be linked to social employment, thus aiming to promote the circular economy whilst integrating vulnerable groups into the labour market. Training programmes for the centres’ workers are envisaged as part of the capacity-building activities.

RREUSE therefore believes that 2LIFES has been a key project in exploring, designing and implementing policies to promote an inclusive circular economy. RREUSE’s mission is to promote the circular economy while providing inclusive employment and training opportunities and is thus very satisfied with the outcomes of the project.


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