Terex Materials Processing acquires ZenRobotics

Terex Materials Processing (MP) has acquired the assets of ZenRobotic. The company designs and creates robots that pick, sort, and recycle waste material.
Terex Materials Processing acquires ZenRobotics
Photo: ZenRobotics

ZenRobotics, based in Helsinki, Finland, will keep its name and become a Terex brand. The unit reports to Tony Devlin, who leads the Terex MP environmental business.

Beginning in 2007, ZenRobotics pioneered a brand-new market for robotic waste sorting. It still automates the waste sector today. Operators can modernize their recycling infrastructure with ZenRobotics technology to meet contemporary standards.

Due to over 15 years of product development, ZenRobotics creates industry-pioneering technology. The Heavy Picker is a multipurpose waste sorting robot for bulky materials. It offers a straightforward sorting process and improves waste sorting’s accuracy, safety. It has strong arms, a variety of sensors, and artificial intelligence.

The Fast Picker is a fast waste sorting robot that aims to recover as much material as possible. It can be integrated into existing material recovery facilities (MRFs). By enabling automated sorting and more pure output, it increases profits. ZenBrain is artificial intelligence for sorting robots. It offers advanced recognition ability and autonomous decision-making. The technology provides actionable data and a steep learning curve.


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