Coperion acquires Herbold Meckesheim

The acquisition of Herbold Meckesheim has formally been completed. Herbold Meckesheim will be integrated with Coperion’s recycling product lines into its new Recycling Business Unit that plans to offer complete solutions for plastics recycling processing.
Werner Herbold, CEO, Herbold Meckesheim GmbH (left) and Markus Parzer, President, Polymer Division, Coperion (Source: Coperion)

Coperion will combine its strengths as an international industrial and technological leader with Herbold Meckesheim, a specialist in mechanical recycling of plastics and plastic waste, and together they will form a united business approach. Herbold Meckesheim will continue to operate at its existing location and retain its name. Both companies will combine their capabilities in the field of recycling and integrate to build modular systems and plant solutions that cover a broad sector of the circular economy, as well as large sections of the globe with their combined sales and service network.

The Recycling Business Unit plans to offer complete, innovative solutions leveraging both Coperion and Herbold Meckesheim’s complementary technologies. From mechanical processing — shredding, washing, separating, drying, and agglomerating of plastics — to bulk material handling, feeding and extrusion, as well as compounding and pelletizing, this Business Unit encompasses the complete process chain.

With their combined global service network that supports installations and startups, competent and rapid service is also available on site. Additionally, state-of-the-art test centers for product development as well as customer trials are available to customers. Before interested parties make significant investments, they can undertake in-depth testing of every process step in the test labs.

The Recycling Business Unit plans to offer complete plants and systems for recycling PET, polyolefins, film, or rigid plastic. From mechanical processing to solvent-based and chemical recycling to complete solutions for highly automated to modular recycling lines, offering complete systems helps us deliver additional value to our customers. Engineering and service during the equipment’s entire operating life is also available.

“Herbold Meckesheim’s solid reputation within the recycling industry is a result of their high-quality machines and solutions which fit into Coperion’s growth strategy. Together, we’ll have strong production and engineering locations in Europe, Asia, and North America,” emphasized Markus Parzer, President of the Polymer Division of Coperion.

Werner Herbold, Managing Director of Herbold Meckesheim added, “We can be proud of our inclusion into this respected engineering company. The combination of both companies’ key technologies for the booming recycling industry bestows excellent prospects upon us for the future.”


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