RecycleMe Consultancy joins RecyClass as third-party certification body

International business consultancy, RecycleMe, signed a cooperation agreement with the cross-industry initiative RecyClass, to certify the recyclability of plastic packaging.
Tim Reckmann,

RecycleMe assumes the role of an official external and transnational certification body.

As a non-profit and cross-industry platform committed to advancing the recyclability of plastic products and packaging, RecyClass was founded in 2014 by the Plastic Recyclers Europe (PRE) association. In order to counteract the increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, the platform has developed its own testing and validation procedures for the evaluation and classification of plastic packaging. The independent business consultancy RecycleMe is part of the Raan Group, which also includes Reclay as an international service provider in the field of environmental and waste management. The consulting team advises customers at locations worldwide in the fields of packaging recyclability.

As an official certification body, the RecycleMe team is now also expanding its service portfolio to include certification according to the RecyClass Methodology. With market expertise in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Slovakia and Spain, RecycleMe offers a Recyclability Rate Assessment. This assessment, in addition to the general RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines, takes into account infrastructure in the approved countries. RecycleMe is also recognized to carry out the Design for Recycling Assessment and issue a Letter of Compatibility, which are part of the RecyClass Recyclability Certification scheme and places a stronger focus on general design aspects applicable in the EU.

The Managing Director of RecycleMe, Sabrina Goebel, is pleased with the expansion of the portfolio, “We are very proud to be selected as a certification body by the renowned RecyClass initiative. This indicates a great appreciation of our international expertise in the field of packaging recyclability.” Goebel also views RecyClass as a strong partner with common goals regarding the optimization of plastic recyclability. “Within a modern and global circular economy, we must work together along the value chain to counteract challenges from the high and growing volume of plastics. Together with the manufacturing companies, we want to ensure that the best possible recycling is always considered during production, use and disposal.”

Paolo Glerean, Chairman of RecyClass, also sees the cooperation with RecycleMe as an important step. “At RecyClass we drive the change from a linear to a circular future for plastics. We promote transparency & traceability of this change via Certification and via our independent, third-party Certification Bodies. We are delighted to extend the cooperation to RecycleMe and look forward to further accelerating the transition towards circularity with their international and country-specific expertise.”


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