Mura Technology and Dow plan recycling facility in Germany

Mura Technology plans to construct a facility at Dow’s Böhlen site in Germany.
Photo: Mura Technology

When fully operational in 2025, Mura’s new facility in Germany will be able to deliver 120 kilotons (kTA) of advanced recycling capacity per year. The project is targeted for a final investment decision by the end of 2023.

This and the other planned units expected to be constructed across Europe and the U.S. would collectively add as much as 600 kTA of advanced recycling capacity by 2030.

Dow aims to take advantage of co-location benefits, which could significantly reduce the cost of scaling up advanced recycling facilities. In addition, co-location of Mura’s facilities at Dow locations would be expected to reduce carbon emissions by minimizing transportation of the offtake and as gas output from the advanced recycling process can be converted back to plastics, thereby ensuring no by-products go to waste.

Mura’s HydroPRS (Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution) advanced recycling process uses supercritical steam to convert most forms of plastic back into the original oils and chemicals from which they were made. Material that can be treated includes flexible and multi-layer plastics, which have previously been deemed “unrecyclable”. These can then be used to create new, virgin-equivalent plastic products, which are even suitable for food contact packaging.


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