Erema: products for chemical recycling

Erema presents its new Chemarema series for the first time at K 2022.
Erema: products for chemical recycling
The Chemarema series was developed for mechanical input material preparation upstream of subsequent chemical recycling processes. Photo: Erema

Chemarema products have been specially developed for mechanically preparing the input stream for chemical recycling. Even at high throughput, they make sure that material is fed into the chemical process downstream in a dependable, continuous, and energy-efficient manner.

The new series enables one-step chemical recycling preparation of highly contaminated post-consumer input streams, such as packaging films with low bulk densities of 50 kilograms per cubic metre and moisture levels of 4–12%, at throughputs of up to 5 tonnes per hour.

Because it can be difficult to feed material into the reactor consistently and energy-efficiently, mechanical preparation prior to the pyrolytic process is crucial for success. That is why Erema single-screw melting systems with preconditioning units (PCU) adapted to the respective requirements are already being used for this purpose at existing plants worldwide because their technological advantages have also been proven for this application. Cutting, homogenizing, heating, drying, compacting, buffering, and dosing are all handled by the PCU’s patented Counter Current technology in a single process step. This saves energy. The process window is three times wider than in conventional systems to handle the input variability that typically appears with material flows for chemical recycling because of significant variations in composition, impurities, and moisture.

The Chemarema range also offers cascade solutions with single and twin-screw extrusion in addition to these single-screw melt systems. Additionally, vacuum-assisted extrusion options and shredder-extruder combinations are available for specialized applications. The preparation of input streams unfit for mechanical recycling is the main focus.


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