BRT Hartner delivers largest bag opener so far 

At the end of October, probably the largest bag opener in the world went into operation in Chavelot.
The bunker of the bag opener alone has a length of 20 metres. Photo: Eggersmann

The machine is a special production at the request of a long-standing customer. However, the actual special characteristic is not its size, but the use of a new standard with segmental construction.

The new bag opener in France is the first bag opener with a 20-metre-long bunker. With the additional use of hopper height extension sheets, it has a total filling volume of 90 m³. The machine, which weighs almost 25 tonnes, was delivered in two parts and connected on site. This meant that no special transport was necessary.

The bag opener in Chavelot is designed for a capacity of up to 250 m³ per hour, with BRT Hartner assuring a bag opening rate of at least 95% despite the high throughput. For maximum utilisation as well as optimal results, the bunker must reliably and continuously supply the bag opener with material.

The large volume offers a decisive advantage here: once filled, the bunker supplies the bag opener and thus the downstream system with material for about half an hour. This long supply time allows for employees and floor vehicles to be used for other tasks. This helps the customer to relieve the personnel and to reduce costs. To prevent the system from running empty, an integrated fill level monitoring system sends optical-acoustic signals as soon as the bunker needs to be filled again.

The bag opener was commissioned by the company Citraval. Citraval belongs to the Schroll Group, which has been active in the recycling industry since 1892.


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