Renewcell applies new textile fiber preparation system using Andritz ADuro technology

Renewcell has produced its first fiber material with the ADuro textile fiber preparation system from Andritz at its new site in Sundsvall, Sweden.
Different shredders of the ADuro product line from Andritz. Copyright: Andritz

Renewcell applies the process to produce pure dissolving pulp from 100% textile waste. The product is finally transformed by Renewcell’s customers into new garments for the circular clothing industry. The plant in Sundsvall recently reached its Commercial Operation Date (COD) on October 31, 2022.

Andritz installed a complete textile fiber preparation system based on shredding and separation technology. Shredders of the ADuro product line form the technological centerpiece of the system and shred used textiles in only one step, enabling a throughput of up to 60,000 tons of textile waste per year. In the subsequent separation stages, impurities such as buttons and zippers are removed from the shredded textiles.

Since 2016, Renewcell and Andritzhave been working together on the development of Renewcell’s textile recycling process at its test plant in Kristinehamn, Sweden, and now, in Sundsvall, on their first commercial textile recycling plant.

Renewcell was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2012 and specializes in recycling textiles with the vision of making fashion circular. Its recycling technology transforms used cotton and other cellulose fibers into a new raw material called Circulose pulp. The pulp is used to produce high-quality biodegradable viscose or lyocell textile fibers for the fashion industry.


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