New Bobcat L85 wheel loader for paper recycling

Since the beginning of the 1940s, the Rua family business in Spain has been dedicated to the management and recovery of paper and cardboard, later expanding the activity to plastics, metals, wood, and other industrial waste.
New Bobcat L85 wheel loader for paper recycling
Copyright: Rua Papel Gestión

Today, the family business, Rua Papel Gestión, is a respected company with an active presence in different European and Asian countries, selling products from the company’s three plants in Catalonia, Spain.

The company has purchased a new Bobcat L85 compact wheel loader for its Sant Andreu de la Barca paper recycling center. In this plant, some 38,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard from printing presses are processed annually, and for this, they needed a machine with power and versatility, but also compact enough to maneuver easily inside the warehouse and between the rows and columns of stored paper bales.

The Bobcat L85 loader is used to handle materials to feed the presses. But thanks to its power, the operators who handle it are already thinking of getting more out of it, equipping it with forks to load bales of paper. They do not rule out putting a grapple on the machine in the future as well. The characteristics of this machine give them great versatility to deal with the various needs of daily activity at the plant.

The L85 is equipped as standard with the hydraulic Quick-Tach system, which is compatible with the most commonly used standard couplers in the sector, allowing the use of high flow attachments. The advanced attachment control allows the operator to change the control pattern of the machine with the push of a button. This offers independent control of engine speed and machine travel speed. Thanks to the 7-pin connector, the operator can control even the most complicated attachments intuitively and efficiently.

The L85 has a 50.7 kW engine, which allows it to offer a tipping load of 3151 kg, and comes equipped as standard with features that allow the operator to work with great comfort and exceptional productivity. 


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