Kuusakoski invests in production line for non-ferrous metals

Kuusakoski is investing €25 million in a major new production line at the company's recycling plant in Heinola, Finland.
Copyright: Kuusakoski Recycling

The demand for recycled raw materials is growing. This decade, for example, production of recycled aluminium will exceed that of primary aluminium for the first time. The use of recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy used to produce virgin aluminium.

Kuusakoski is Finland’s only producer of recycled aluminium. In 2022, Kuusakoski supplied its customers with the equivalent of all the aluminium needed for 2,000 new passenger aircraft.

The company is now investing in a major new production line. The aim is to increase recycling efficiency and processing capacity for non-ferrous metals, including aluminium. The investment is worth €25 million.

Kuusakoski’s processing capabilities already enable highly efficient recovery of metals from waste streams back into raw materials. The new investment will enable the company to process more material with even higher recovery rates. The company expects demand for all recycled metals to increase.


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