Coin recovery from industrial waste, incineration and automotive scrap

Redwave has launched the new sensor based Redwave CX Coin Sorter, a sorting system for recovering coins from industrial waste incineration (IWI) slag and automotive scrap.
Copyright: Redwave

The system offers a fully automated process for sorting coins from heavy metal fractions, providing a cost-effective solution for recovering valuable metals.
Equipped with a high-resolution camera, the Redwave CX coin sorter is capable of sorting metals from 3 mm to 55 mm in size.
The payback period for the Redwave CX Coin Sorter is only a few weeks, making it an attractive investment for coin sorting operations. The system significantly increases the material value of the processed metal, as the average proportion of coins in waste streams is 1-2%. Without sensor-based sorting, these valuable coins would otherwise be lost or sold at a low price as heavy metal.
The Redwave CX coin sorter can be used as a stand-alone


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