Recapp launches recycling deposit system in UAE

Veolia’s digital recycling solution Recapp has launched a new recycling deposit initiative and rewards scheme for implementing reverse vending machines (RVMs) and smart deposit machines (RSDMs) in the UAE.
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The new digital solution comes as a complementary service to RECAPP’s existing free app-based door-to-door collection service, where RVMs will be used to collect bottles and the RSDMs to collect bags of recyclables.

In Abu Dhabi, RECAPP partners with Masdar City and will implement the first Deposit Return System with a reward scheme (DRS) in the UAE. These Smart Deposit Machines (RSDMs) will allow RECAPP to collect an additional 20 million bottles and reinforce the UAE Government’s target of recovering 50% of single-use plastic bottles.

At the same time, in Dubai, RECAPP has launched its first RVM connected to the app and offering plenty of rewards. The RVMs provide an instant recycling solution and can recycle all types of plastic water and beverage bottles and cans. They work by recycling bottle by bottle and can be placed indoors or outdoors in high-traffic locations. All RVMs are connected to the RECAPP app and reward users with 150 points per recycled bottle, which is 8 times more compared to the Door-to-Door incentive.

The RSDMs enable users to drop off their full bag of recyclables at convenient outdoor locations such as communities, supermarket parking lots, or petrol stations. The RSDMs are connected to the RECAPP app and reward users with 1,500 points per 1 kg of recyclables deposited. RECAPP app users can redeem the points earned from RVMs and RSDMs against attractive vouchers from a wide variety of brands – including groceries, fashion, and e-commerce.

RECAPP was launched by Veolia Near & Middle Eastin November 2020 as the first recycling app in the UAE.



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