Tomra and Plastretur to build sorting plant in Norway

Tomra and Plastretur, the Norwegian producer responsibility organization responsible for recycling plastic packaging, plan to invest in the construction of a joint sorting plant for plastics in Norway.
Tomra and Plastretur to build sorting plant in Norway

Tomra is to hold a 65 per cent share and Plastretur a 35 per cent share in the joint venture, which will cost about 50 million.

Currently, the plastic packaging waste generated in Norway is exported to Central Europe. According to Tomra, the new plastic packaging sorting plant is the first of its kind in Norway to process separated and mechanically recyclable mixed plastic waste from municipalities. The plant will separate the collected plastics into 7 different types of plastics in a single sort.
As part of the joint venture, Plastretur will continue to be responsible for procuring plastic packaging waste from Norwegian municipalities, trade, and industry and supplying it as input to the plant. Tomra will be responsible for sorting the fractions and selling the plastics.

The new plant will be built at Holtskogen Næringspark, Indre Østfold Holtskogen, Norway (near Oslo). An annual sorting capacity of 90,000 tonnes is planned. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for mid-2023, and the plant is expected to be fully operational from the first quarter.


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