RecyClass Recycling Process Certification qualified for accreditation with ISO 17065

Following its release last year, the RecyClass Recycling Process Audit Scheme was reviewed by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).
Source: pexels; magda-ehlers

This evaluation unlocks the next steps for the conformity of the Audit Scheme with the upcoming EU legislative requirements.

RecyClass Recycling Process Certification attests to the quality of plastic recycling processes and, by assessing the physical traceability of materials, boosts the transparency in the origin of plastic waste.

The new Audit Scheme was submitted for evaluation following the procedure of EA-1/22 A-AB: 2020. Similar process was already conducted for the RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification which certifies the use of recycled plastics in new products.

Since the launch of the Audit Scheme, RecyClass recognised 28 Certification Bodies with more than 50 auditors available for issuing Recycling Process Certificates worldwide. Certification Bodies are now requested to proceed with the accreditation process based on ISO 17065 within the established transition period and as stipulated in the Spanish Plastic Tax.

To ensure its Certification Schemes are comprehensive, reliable, and robust, RecyClass takes continuous steps helping the industry stay ahead of the circular economy transition providing guidance and third-party certification. By completing the evaluation process for the two Certification Schemes, RecyClass becomes the go-to hub for certifying circular plastics in Europe for companies who want to comply with the standard EN 15343:2007.

The added benefit of the two schemes is the direct link for certifying the products as they move along the value chain from recycling straight to the converting operations.


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