Geminor reports record tonnage

The group experienced significant growth in Europe in the first two quarters of 2023, and the UK has for the first time become Geminor’s biggest market.
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In the first half of 2023 (Q1 and Q2), Geminor handled a total of 1,097,152 tonnes of waste for recycling and recovery in Europe. This is the largest volume that the group has ever reported for a six-month period. Compared to 2022, where the total volume ended at 870,773 tonnes in the first six months, the increase is a significant 26 percent.

“We entered 2023 with a certain tension linked to the development of the European economy and the waste market in particular. Therefore, it is inspiring to see that we are achieving strong growth in the handling of various waste fractions in the market”, says CEO of Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

The majority of the tonnage still consists of RDF and SRF for energy recovery, followed by waste wood for material recycling.

“In the first two quarters of 2023 we are increasing our market share at the same time as Europe is experiencing a general shortage in waste volumes. Throughout 2023 there has been a high demand for waste for energy recovery, which our departments in Italy and Poland have helped to resolve. In fact, 2023 has really shown us the importance of having departments in different regional markets in Europe, to ensure volumes and logistics”, says Kjetil Vikingstad.

The UK market shows the largest growth in tonnes in 2023. Geminor UK increased the total volume by 63 percent (Q1 and Q2), to just over 380,000 tonnes.

“The UK has become our biggest market, surpassing Norway for the first time. The most recent figures show that our UK office has passed 100,000 tonnes in the month of July, which no office has ever managed in one single month”, says Kjetil Vikingstad.

The department in Italy also continues to grow, increasing its tonnage by 110 percent to nearly 179,000 tonnes. Geminor Poland is also doing well and has more than tripled its handling of waste fractions compared to 2022. At the same time, all the Nordic countries and Germany are experiencing a moderate decline in waste volumes handled by Geminor.

In terms of import tonnage, Sweden is still the largest market for Geminor, followed by Denmark and Germany.

“Overall, we are very satisfied with 2023 so far. We would never have managed this tonnage without a significant effort from our growing organization and our many partners”, concludes CEO of Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.



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