New automated waste collection terminal in Bergen

On October 4th, the Bergen Municipality, BIR and Envac jointly launched a new waste collection station of Bergen’s automated waste collection system.
Inside the new waste collection terminal in Bergen Copyright: Envac

The waste management technology is now operational in the neighbourhoods of Marken, Nordre, Grønnevollen and Veversmauet, allowing residents to benefit from this new facility.

Waste collection has been a top priority in the city of Bergen. However, there is a need for additional storage space for bins and containers in the old city centre. Waste trucks face accessibility issues in the narrow streets. To solve this, Envac has introduced a modern and efficient waste management solution that reduces the need for traditional containers and waste lorries. The company uses vacuum technology to transport waste through an underground pipe system to a central facility, sorting it into containers for further treatment.

The Bergen waste system is one of the largest and most advanced underground waste management facilities globally, connecting more than 30,000 households on completion, making Bergen one of the world’s most sustainable and smart cities. With a focus on sustainable urban development, the system reduces car traffic. It eliminates intermediate waste storage in the streets, significantly reducing the fire risk in the wooden part of the city. Envac has designed a waste collection system that can handle over 50 tonnes of waste per week, with the possibility of expansion. Waste is collected in four separate fractions: rest, paper, plastic, and cardboard, which improves recyclability among residents.


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