Metales Bolueta recycles non-ferrous metals with Steinert technology

Metales Bolueta is a family-run business, founded in 1980 and is based near Bilbao, Spain.
Metales Bolueta’s metal sorting facility is located in the town of Gatika, just 20 minutes from Bilbao by car. Copyright: Steinert

Initially, the founder Julio Marín traded in non-ferrous metals at a site just 200 square metres in size. A few years ago, he passed the business on to his three sons. Julio Marín has continued to advise them in the background. Metales Bolueta currently handles around 4000 tons of metal a month. As customer requirements have grown, the focus on quality has become a key goal, especially in the aluminium sector.

CEO Joseba Marín, one of Julio’s sons, recalls, “Ten years ago, we were processing around 2000 tonnes of metal a month. We could see huge potential in the aluminium sector, but our customers needed aluminium with very high levels of purity for extruders and rolling mills. Our systems weren’t able to cope; we needed to expand. That was when the idea for the plant in Gatika was born.”

A Steinert MOR separates the iron and then the Steinert Eddy Current Separator EddyC recovers the non-ferrous metals. Copyright: Steinert

The small town of Gatika is around 20 km away from the head office. Steinert was involved in the entire project, from design and construction to commissioning and fine-tuning the sorting systems. Joseba Marín explains the layout of the plant, “Our plant in Gatika comprises a yard where we receive, pre-sort and pre-classify raw materials, comprising mixed metals and aluminium profiles. We then shred and screen the material to achieve homogeneous particle sizes for optimum sorting. An eddy current separator enriches non-ferrous metals and, thanks to a Steinert X-ray sorting system, we achieve the aluminium concentrate purities that our customers demand.” Operators of aluminium smelters in particular attach great value to products from Metales Bolueta, as they can be processed in the same way as primary goods. “I’m finding that customers routinely stress the quality of our products compared with the rest of the market.”

A Steinert XSS T EVO 5.0 X-ray sorting system enriches up to 99.8% pure wrought aluminium for direct further processing in smelters. Photo: Steinert

After the milling process, the Gatika aluminium separation line starts with a Steinert MTE electromagnetic drum. This is followed by a Steinert EddyC with a Steinert MOR neodymium magnetic separator upstream and a Steinert XSS T EVO 5.0 X-ray sorting system.

The Steinert EddyC eddy current separator recovers non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, zinc, or copper. The Steinert XSS T EVO 5.0 sorting system separates heavy metals and light metals, followed by cast and wrought aluminium. When sorting wrought aluminium, thanks to X-ray transmission technology, the plant reliably achieves extremely high levels of purity of up to 99.8% to respond to the demands of the market.

Despite fluctuating levels of input quality, Metales Bolueta supplies its customers with the highest quality wrought aluminium thanks to Steinert’s X-ray sorting system. Photo: Steinert

According to CEO Joseba Marín, there has always been enough material on the market, but processors have needed powerful sorting systems because of the highly fluctuating levels of input quality, especially profiles and to a lesser degree taint/tabor. “Thanks to Steinert technology, we are seeing that even when using a low-quality material, we can achieve a quality product that meets the requirements of our customers.”

The plant in Gatika has been in operation for only 2 years. But in this short period of time, Metales Bolueta has managed to become a leading national supplier of recycled material of the highest quality.

Metales Bolueta already has firm plans for the next round of expansion. At the start of 2024, it is beginning to build a parallel sorting line with another Steinert XSS T EVO 5.0 X-ray sorter. Joseba Marín is anticipating that capacity will grow by another 1000 tonnes a month. “We have a new project that will see the light of day at the start of 2024. This will involve us significantly increasing capacity again. This line will be the cherry on the cake for Gatika. I look forward to us continuing to grow with Steinert.”


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