Geminor launches new waste treatment company for the offshore industry

Geminor and its partners are now establishing Risavika Gjenvinning, a company that will develop new technology solutions for the treatment and recovery of waste from the petroleum industry.

“The company will develop new processes for the treatment of drilling waste from offshore companies and other industries,” says Bjorn Haaland, General Manager of Risavika Gjenvinning.

Bjorn Haaland, who is also the director of hazardous waste at Geminor, leads the development of Risavika Gjenvinning AS. The company was established in collaboration with R&D Manager Henry Magne Haakstad, and will form an important part of the Geminor group’s investment in hazardous waste and contaminated masses.

“We plan to develop environmental technology for the treatment of oil-related waste such as drill cuttings. The aim is to help the oil and gas industry to move this type of specialized waste higher up the waste hierarchy. There is currently a big potential for the reuse of these contaminated masses,” says R&D Manager Henry Magne Haakstad.

Risavika Gjenvinning will offer services in a market in need of sustainable solutions, Bjorn Haaland explains.

“There is a need for new and more sustainable treatment solutions for special waste from the petroleum industry. The companies that are active in drilling operations need better environmental solutions for the processing of drill cuttings. Our methods will reduce energy use both in the processing and the transport of the special waste,” says Haaland.

The company, which recently was awarded funding from the Research Council of Norway, is in Tananger on the west coast of Norway, which is a hub for the offshore industry.

“There is an increasing focus on sustainable solutions for the petroleum industry, which makes Risavika Gjenvinning very timely and relevant.”

“Geminor wants to contribute to a greener industry, making this company an important establishment and a new milestone for the group”, concludes the general manager of Risavika Gjenvinning and director of hazardous waste at Geminor, Bjorn Haaland.


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