Fornnax wins best tyre recycling industry supplier award

The award is evidence of Fornnax's commitment to using its cutting- edge fleet of machinery to push the envelope of innovation in tyre recycling technology.

Intending to transform the sector and tackle the worldwide issue of tyre waste, Fornnax has constantly proven its dedication to ecological sustainability and the concepts of the circular economy.

In addition to effectively recycling tyres nearing the end of their useful life, Fornnax’s award- winning technology places a strong emphasis on the production of high-quality recycled materials. This solution fits in well with the ongoing movement to reduce carbon footprints in industrial processes and to find more environmentally friendly alternatives. Modern equipment, astute automation, and a strong dedication to environmental stewardship distinguish Fornnax Technology’s tyre recycling solutions. The company’s tyre recycling machines are designed to maximize resource recovery, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to a more endurable future with adherence to several political policies established in foreign industries.

Fornnax’s influence on the tyre recycling landscape are acknowledged with the Best Tyre Recycling Industry Supplier Award at the Recircle Awards 2023.


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