Municipal waste down by 19 kg per person in 2022

In 2022, the amount of municipal waste generated per person in the EU amounted to 513 kg, 19 kg or 4% per person less than in 2021 (532 kg) and 46 kg more than in 1995 (467 kg).

Municipal waste generation varied considerably among the EU members. In 2022, Austrian (827 kg per person), Danish (787 kg), and Luxembourgish (720 kg) citizens generated the highest amount of municipal waste. The lowest amount was generated in Romania (301 kg), Poland (364 kg), and Estonia (373 kg).

The variations across countries reflect differences in consumption patterns, economic wealth, and the collection and management of municipal waste. Countries differ regarding how much waste from commerce, trade, and administration is collected and managed together with the waste from households.

In terms of recycling, the EU registered an average of 249 kg per person, down from the 2021 average of 264 kg per person.

Austria (516 kg), Denmark (411 kg), and Germany (409 kg) had the highest amount of recycled waste per person. On the other hand, Romania (36 kg), Malta (75 kg), and Greece (90 kg) had the lowest amount.


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