RecyClass publishes closed & controlled loop recycling certification modules

RecyClass developed two new modules to strengthen the certification of closed and controlled loop recycling. These documents mark a significant step in the transparent reporting of the origin and use of all recycled plastics, especially for PVC waste.
(Source: Pixabay, Frank)

The PVC Requirements module in the RecyClass Recycling Process Certification is applicable to plastic recyclers of PVC waste. Meanwhile, the Loop Requirements module in the RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification allows now to verify the requirements pertinent to the use of recycled plastics in closed loop for all sectors, and controlled loop applications in PVC products for a wide range of other plastic value chain actors, such as converters. These conditions, on one hand, ensure transparency in the origin of waste in the recycling process, and on the other hand, the traceability of the recycled materials up to the end-use applications.

The introduction of these modules follows the publication of updated EU regulatory requirements which address lead and its compounds in PVC and mandate certification of controlled loop requirements for rigid PVC recycling along with its traceability. The RecyClass modules are aligned with the new Regulation, as they include the monitoring of lead levels in PVC and the labelling requirements.

As the requirements set out in the Regulation are becoming effective as of November 2024, interested companies can now apply for the RecyClass Recycling Process and Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification to stay ahead of the regulatory obligations.

RecyClass worked closely with EPPA, the European Trade Association of PVC Window System Suppliers to deliver robust, novel solutions to the certifications. Additionally, the modules have been submitted for evaluation through the EA-1/22 procedure, demonstrating a dedication to setting industry-wide standards and fostering plastics circularity.


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