70 years Roither Maschinenbau and Austropressen

Back in 1953, when Franz Roither Senior began creating articles in his metalworking shop, he could hardly have anticipated that 20 years later, the main focus of the subsequent company would become environmental technology.
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This product range was launched in 1973. His son Franz founded the Austropressen brand, thus specialising in machinery and environmental technology. And over the past 50 years, this approach has more than paid off.

From the very beginning, the company has been characterised by its pioneering spirit, a capacity for innovation and a distinctive identity. These three cornerstones have made it possible over the intervening years to effectively incorporate the concepts of sustainability, environmental awareness and energy efficiency in all products. At first, special machines and specific solutions were developed for local businesses, while patent applications were filed for the early inventions. Meanwhile, the demands placed on quality and specialisations became increasingly exacting. The positive result of this was the need to make continuous improvements to waste and baling presses, complemented by the creation of individualised concepts for dealing with a wide range of recyclable materials and initial exports of products beyond the borders of

Today, Roither Maschinenbau GmbH still develops and manufactures the full range of its products exclusively at its headquarters in Seewalchen, Austria. Now the company supplies tailor-made waste disposal systems to some 100 countries around the world. The unique know how, the power of innovation and the high quality of its services are the success
factors of this family-run business with its more than 50 skilled and experienced employees.

Roither Maschinenbau, one of the leading international manufacturers of environmental and recycling technologies, is currently in the hands of the third generation of the family. The three siblings, Marlene (marketing), Philipp (management) and Lukas Roither (sales) are now responsible for the future of the company. Their priorities are already clearly defined; they intend to ensure the business remains a recognised brand-name company with increasing product output and an extensive training programme for apprentices and skilled personnel.

The low rate of turnover among the workforce and the many who have celebrated 20, 30 and even 40 years of service with us demonstrate that senior director Franz Roither selected the correct road to success. He began investing in in-house schooling and continuing training programmes at an early stage. In a work environment such as this, there can be no doubt that those at Austropressen have a secure future ahead of them.

There is thus a systematic focus on creating effective systems that promote recycling, the conservation of resources and a circular economy. The increasing demands are responded to in the form of a product portfolio that is cutting-edge in terms of the facets of sustainability, environmental awareness and energy efficiency. Performance and energy balance are here as important as intelligent processing and concepts for preparation for recycling. Austropressen products are designed for all branches of business and can meet all the needs of the international waste and recycling economy.


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