M&J Recycling: complete series of electrical pre-shredders

From heavy-duty to lighter applications, this e-drive shredder lineup delivers efficiency and minimal energy consumption.
Copyright: M&J Recycling

The M&J P250e series stands at the forefront of waste pre-shredding capabilities, designed to offer versatile solutions for varying applications. This e-drive shredder line-up caters to heavy-duty and lighter scenarios, emphasizing efficiency, capacity and minimized energy consumption based on specific operational needs. The series consists of four customizable variants, accommodating up to 5 knife counts per shaft with different knife geometries.

The series comprises four drivetrain configurations that accommodate different waste types and capacities. Up to 100 tonnes per hour and with the possibility to achieve a grain size of 90% below 100 mm.

Experience seamless daily operations with the M&J P250e, intricately designed for optimal utilization no matter the task. It also offers significant energy cost savings, ensure equipment longevity, and mitigates operational disruptions. The M&J P250e boasts a superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with robust build quality and a patented modular design, facilitating hassle-free wear part replacement. Maintenance procedures are simplified, offering enhanced accessibility for welding and targeted part replacement.

The M&J P250e consumes up to 50% less energy compared to hydraulic counterparts and with the same or even higher capacity.


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