Aimplas organizes fourth edition of EcoFRam

Aimplas is organizing the fourth edition of EcoFRam, an event promoted by the French Chemical Society (SCF) that will be held on 22-23 May and sponsored by PINFA and NETZSCH.
Copyright: Aimplas

For two days, more than twenty specialists in the field will meet at the AIMPLAS headquarters to discuss, among other topics, the current situation and the latest advances and research on additives and flame retardants, especially in terms of their environmental sustainability.

On the first day, the first session will cover the development of flame retardants using sustainable chemistry. This will be followed by a session on the application of sustainable flame retardants in industrial sectors such as textiles and synthetic leather. Finally, the first day will end with a session of presentations on the evaluation of flame behaviour. On the second day, the first session will address circularity and the end of life of flame retardants, while the final session will focus on the regulatory framework.


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