RECYCLING magazine 01 / 2021

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    The circular economy has many facets that have to be considered. These include digitalisation as well as financial and social impacts. The kind of impact that chemical recycling will have on the environment still seems to be unclear. However, it does seem clear that BRFs do not hinder WEEE recycling. This is quite an important point, since the EU member states are already struggling to reach the new collection targets.

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    All together now
    The WEEE Forum has published a paper that shows ways how the member states of the European Union can reach the new collection targets.
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    From waste management to circular economy
    With the new waste action plan, Ireland wants to speed up its transition to a circular economy.
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    Getting the social component into the circular economy
    Critical aspects that need to be addressed to make the transition to a circular economy fair for everyone.
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    How the circular economy can become digital
    A paper by the European Circular Economy Research Alliance analyses the interaction between circularity and digitalization.
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    Is it more than just a buzzword?
    The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives raises a number of doubts about chemical recycling as a solution to the plastic crisis.
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    More than just an environmental concept
    A current report explores the circular economy’s value creation potential for the financial sector.
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    No harm for WEEE recycling
    A study by Sofies wants to prove that BRFs are not hindering the recycling of WEEE plastics.
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    Revolutionising LIB recycling
    XProEM has developed a process to recover critical elements and by-products without the use of water and with zero waste left over.
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    Still a huge need for investments
    Although the industry was hit hard by the pandemic, it did not stop it from making a large number of investments in the previous year.
    Source: FKN e.V.
    The blessing and the curse of multilayer According
    The blessing and the curse of multilayer According to a current report, beverage cartons still present a great number of challenges on the road to recyclability.
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    Understanding waste impacts can unlock new opportunities
    One of the many knock-on effects of the pandemic has been on the composition of waste generated.
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    Wasting waste
    What options are available through waste as a resource for energy and circular economy in India?
    Source: TheDigitalWay;
    What’s sustainable, what’s not?
    Zero Waste Europe sets out the vision for a zero waste circular economy and explains what it takes to get there – and what to leave out.

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    RECYCLING magazine 01 / 2021

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
    Germany 5,00 EUR
    International 5,00 EUR

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