RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2020

    Source: Sennebogen
    Plastic waste has been a global problem for quite some time, but during the pandemic things seem to have become worse for different reasons. In this edition we highlight various approaches to tackling this problem and also raise the question of what alternatives we have in terms of recycling, e.g. chemical recycling. But, of course, not everything is about plastic waste. Other topics cover the EU Taxonomy Regulation, food waste, battery recycling and the waste trade in general.

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    Source: adege;
    A global pact against plastic pollution
    A group of organisations wants a UN treaty on plastic pollution.
    Source: Finnrich;
    A novel physical separation process
    A new process turns waste batteries into black mass.
    Source: Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke;
    Communication is key for enforcement
    Interpol provides insight into criminal trends in the plastic waste market
    Source: Nextek
    Design for optimum recycling
    Recyclable features in plastic packaging are not always by design.
    Source: Christoph; pixabay .com
    How green is incineration?
    Can incineration be considered sustainable within the EU taxonomy?
    Source: stux,
    Into the crucible
    Will the European chemicals industry rise to the circularity challenge?
    Source: AIMPLAS
    Obtaining eco-friendly PU foam
    A new project wants to implement the circular economy in the PU life cycle.
    Source: CDE
    The global crisis not being talked about
    Why the global sand crisis is a topic that needs more attention.
    Source: Alexas Fotos,
    The hidden ironies of plastic
    Especially during the pandemic, the problem of plastic waste worsening.
    Source: David Peterson;
    Time to close the doors
    How the Philippines can avoid becoming the region’s dumpsite.
    Source: PIRO4D;
    Too much disruption to discover trends
    Current policies regarding resource efficiency and the circular economy
    Source: Susanne Stöckli;
    Too much potential wasted
    Circle Economy has applied its circularity metric to Norway.
    Picture credits: Entoprotech
    Turning food waste into treasure
    Entroprotech uses Black Soldier Flies to generate products from food waste.

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    RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2020

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
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    International 5,00 EUR

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