RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2023

    Source: Sennebogen
    European plastics recyclers warn of a massive destabilisation of their markets. The UN warns that climate targets are becoming ever more distant. A report warns against replacing plastic packaging with other materials. And Zero Waste Europe warns that the textile problem is far from being solved, even with the new EU strategy.

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    Source: Michael Schwarzenberger;
    A better future for WEEE plastics
    The International Bromine Council has updated its report that examines the impact of BFRs on the recycling of WEEE plastics in Europe.
    Illustration: E. Zillner
    A boost for the circular economy
    Euric has published a paper that clarifies its point of view regarding chemical recycling and mass balance.
    Source: Frantisek Falta;
    A circular economy for waste water
    Water is essential for life, but always takes a back seat when it comes to environmental issues.
    Source: ZF Gourp
    A plant with a zero-waste vision
    The ZF remanufacturing plant in Bielefeld has been awarded the 2023 German Sustainability Award.
    Source: ralph;
    Call for EU-wide moratorium on waste incinerators
    According to a new report, the EU has a surplus of waste incineration capacity.
    Source:; magda ehlers
    Interventions for change
    Plastic waste remains one of the biggest global problems. In an attempt to solve it, Systemic has now developed a proposal.
    Source: robert1029; Icons Whitepaper International Society for Industrial Ecology
    Learning from common ground
    A white paper written by the ISIE presents ten insights into the circular economy from the perspective of industrial ecology.
    Source: Willfried Wende;
    Low demand, higher imports endanger plastics recycling
    The plastics recycling market in Europe has been heavily destabilised throughout 2023.
    Source: nadin-sh
    Not necessarily the better alternative
    A new report aims to show that the substitution of plastic packaging is not necessarily a good idea environmentally.
    Source man: Elias,
    Not overly ambitious
    DEFRA wants to encourage waste prevention in England. However, this would require a far more ambitious programme than the one suggested.
    Source: hans;
    Still in the wrong direction
    The UN has presented a stocktake on the extent to which the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement are being achieved.
    Source: jeff burroughs;
    Sufficiency instead of fast fashion
    In a current study, Zero Waste Europe explains why better recycling of textiles is far from enough to solve the problems.

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    RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2023

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
    Germany 5,00 EUR
    International 5,00 EUR

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