RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2017

    Source: Stephanie Hofschlaeger, Compositing. E. Zillner

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    Source: I-vista;
    A more integrated approach is needed
    ESWET sees some shortfalls in the EU Commission‘s concept on waste plastics and offers alternatives.
    Source: Marlies Schwarzin;
    Automotive waste shouldn’t be parked in landfill
    Maximising resource recovery and reducing the amount of material from end-of-their vehicles sent to landfill.
    Source: Marco Barnebeck (Telemarco);
    Facing political realities
    Incinerators struggle with the European’s Commission‘s stand on waste-to-energy and developments in some European countries.
    Source: FW-Fotografie;
    How waste management fits into a circular economy
    A recent study has examined waste management in the EU in the context of a circular economy transition.
    Katharina Wieland-Müller,
    India needs more than just space for its waste
    According to a study, India needs space the size of New Delhi for landfill – but that alone won‘t solve the problems.
    Source: Ingrid Kranz;
    Making sure that recycling matters
    For the first time in its history, Euric discussed the current state of Europe‘s recycling industry outside of Brussels.
    Source: Mauro Nogarin
    On the road to a circular economy
    Ecuador has established an infrastructure for recycling, especially for metals and WEEE.
    Source: E. Zillner
    Positive economic signals for battery recycling
    The majority of participants at the ICBR see both the current situation and the business outlook in a favourable light.
    Source: Tim Reckmann;
    Product design to recycling services
    Recoup sees the opportunities within plastics recycling coupled with technical advancements being made.
    Source: Uwe Duwald;
    Still a gap in British waste management
    In light of certain new developments, particularly Brexit, the gap is far from being closed.
    Source: Andreas Morlok;
    Still more positive signals for ferrous metal scrap
    After suffering in recent years, the ferrous metal scrap market has improved significantly.
    Source: T. Byrne
    The waste collection system on Kefalonia Island
    The largest of the Ionian Islands is home to thousands of tourists and has to deal with high temperatures.

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    RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2017

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT, incl. postage
    Germany EUR 5,00 | International EUR 5,00

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