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    Source: E. Zillner
    A new hierarchy for Europe
    Zero Waste Europe considers the EU waste hierarchy no longer sufficient for the circular economy and has developed its own.
    Source sign: Denise,
    At the heart of the circular economy
    A new report analyses the role of municipalities in the circular economy and their options to speed up the transition.
    Source: danyloz2002;
    Belgium makes employment circular
    Circle Economy has undertaken an analysis of the potential of circular jobs in Belgium.
    Source:; Michael Grau
    Central Asia on the way to becoming circular
    A current report shows what the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan has already achieved in terms of the circular economy.
    Source flags:
    Improvements through cooperation
    A recent report has analysed the state of Nordic countries‘ waste management systems with regard to new EU targets.
    Source: : Diliff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
    No alternative to the circular economy
    Former EU commissioner Janos Potocnik talks about the current state of the circular economy and the next steps necessary.
    Source: Jasmin Sessler;
    Substitution with barriers
    A new EU directive implements restrictions on single-use plastics (SUP), but a report shows that not all SUPs can be easily substituted.
    Source dartboard: Timo Klostermeier;; Source Eu Parliament: NakNakNak;
    Tricky relationships
    The EU Commission targets two goals in the handling of substances and materials known as „non-toxic environment“ and „circular economy“.
    Source: T. Byrne
    UTE RM2 expands its waste collection fleet
    The consortium has added eight AMS CL1-N side loaders to its waste collection fleet to service the City of Madrid.
    WEEE planned obsolescence vs. right-to-repair NGOs
    The EU has made a case for consumer rights regarding electronic equipment.

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    RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2019

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
    Germany 5,00 EUR
    International 5,00 EUR

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