RECYCLING magazine 03 / 2019

    Sources: backdrop: E. Zillner; trashcan: Sandor Somkuti;
    There is a very lively debate going on about climate change and what we can do about it. There is no doubt that this is absolutely necessary, provided it leads to action very soon. However, I get the slight impression that the mega topic of climate change is causing recycling to be pushed back into the second row. No, recycling will not solve all the world‘s climate problems; that would be too much to expect. Nevertheless, it can help to mitigate a lot of those problems, such as CO2 emissions and material scarcity. Since recycling as it is commonly practiced today in Europe and many other countries in the world is quite a complex matter, a lot needs explaining.

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    Source: Dieter Schütz;
    Circular economy becomes a business case
    How businesses globally are adapting to ways of doing business.
    Source: OVAM
    Circular economy by cooperation
    Jan Verheyen (OVAM) talks about the success of waste management in Flanders.
    Source Photo: Tim Reckmann;; Compositing E. Zillner
    Digital help to reach analogue targets
    An overview of the current state of digitalisation in waste management.
    Source: Avery Dennison
    Meeting the sustainability challenge
    Label liners can make packaging more sustainable.
    Source: uschi dreiucker;
    Prevention in its infancy
    So far, waste prevention measures in Europa have not been sufficient.
    Source Flaggs: Petra Bork,
    Ready to improve national systems of waste recycling
    Baltic states want to improve compliance with EU
    Source: Iris Hamelmann, pixabay
    The environment is being thrown away
    Swiss scientists have analysed plastic packaging emission flows.
    Source: InspiredImages;
    The solution lies in Asia
    While Europe is still lacking sufficient capacities in battery recycling, Asia is one step ahead.
    Source: CFalk;
    Too flexible for recycling?
    State of the art of polyethylene film recycling and challenges to overcome.
    Source photo: Rainer Sturm;; Compositing: E. Zillner
    Towards a fully circular plastics economy
    Plastics producers have to consider the end-of-life of their products.
    Source: T. Byrne
    Waste collection service during the night
    How EMAYA takes care of waste in Palma de Mallorca.
    Source: OVAM
    Working with the pioneers
    Dr Helen Versluys (Möbius) talks about how businesses can get circular.
    Source: Helga Hauke;
    WtE projects picking up across Gulf region
    The technology is expected to curb the growing waste problems.

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    RECYCLING magazine 03 / 2019

    Price: EUR 16,90
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