RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2021

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    The plastic waste crisis is still a key focus of the industry. We have some new concepts to help tackle the problem. And is the circular economy concept really as good as we think it is?

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    A journey into the unknown
    Although the concept of a circular economy has been widely embraced by politicians and companies alike, many aspects of the notion remain vague at the very least.
    Source: Volvo
    Batteries are booming
    The revision of the EU Battery Directive, the booming battery markets and the recycling of EV batteries were the main topics at the ICBR.
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    Beware of the rebound
    What is the best way to tackle the ever-growing volume of used textiles? According to a recent article, there is no such thing as an easy solution.
    Cascading wood waste for the circular economy
    Scientists of the Université de Lorraine want to show ways how the use of wood waste can be improved.
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    Claiming back the circular economy
    While the circular economy concept is usually seen as very positive, a professor from the University of Warwick points out its many flaws.
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    Constraints on metal-bearing wastes
    Past experience is invaluable when it comes to driving new global efforts towards an era of increased recycling.
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    Innovations for tackling the crisis
    In a current study, the European Patent Office (EPO) provides an overview of how different technologies are holding up in terms of patents.
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    It’s all about knowledge
    The European Environmental Agency explains why in the face of persistent environmental challenges, knowledge is the key.
    Source: Michael Gaida;
    Learning from nature
    Scientists show that there may be even more options for recycling plastic waste by having a close look at nature.
    The circularity of medium-power electrical transformers
    With their high economic value, substantial metal content and long life, transformers score highly in terms of circularity.
    Source: E. Zillner
    The right solution to avoiding single-use plastics
    In a recent paper, OECD Environment analyses various approaches to avoiding single-use plastics.
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    Transition in economy and technology is affecting our ecology
    Innovation supersedes all challenges to become an invention or a discovery.
    Source: Wolfgang Stemme;
    Why waste should be better kept at home
    A current report points out the dangers of plastic waste exports and suggests solutions that may help solve the problem.

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    RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2021

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
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