RECYCLING magazine 01 / 2022

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    So far, no one has really thought about the potential for decarbonisation in the waste management sector. A current study shows that it is huge. On the other hand, the question can be raised as to whether circularity is always sustainable. And what needs to be done when larger volumes of waste have to be treated within the EU due to various export restrictions?

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    A lot of promising potential
    A current study commissioned by a group of European federations shows the carbon emissions reduction potential of waste management.
    Source: Komptech
    A milestone in Ghana
    In cooperation with the Jospong Group, 14 mobile processing lines and the first stationary plant from Komptech are currently in operation.
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    Decoupling growth and waste
    A report by the EEA makes some suggestions regarding how the ever-growing amount of textile waste could be reduced.
    Source: AMP Robotics
    How AI and data capture are improving MRF operations
    It’s been a while since robots first made inroads into recycling, but the impact they are having is evident.
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    Is circularity always sustainable?
    It is mostly taken for granted that a circular economy will automatically lead to greater sustainability. But is this really the case?
    Source: Joshua Woroniecki;
    Making batteries separate again
    In a recent report, the European Environmental Bureau and “Right to repair” explain the pitfalls of battery recycling.
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    Making good use of the internal market
    In a new briefing, the EEA emphasises the relevance of waste shipments within the EU to support the circular economy concept.
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    No further capacity needed
    Due to export restrictions, more waste needs to be treated within the EU. But do we need more incineration capacity to achieve that?
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    No need to raise the bar again
    POP BFRs have been a topic of discussion for quite a while. Lowering the thresholds could make the recycling of certain waste streams difficult.
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    Not all recycled plastic is equal
    Virgin plastics could become cheaper than recycled plastics, even after the imminent UK Plastics Packaging tax has come into force.
    Source: Manuel Alvarez;
    Redesigning the supply chain
    A white paper describes the steps and measures necessary to make fashion and consumer electronics more circular.
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    Takeout food without remorse
    Due to the high demand for takeout food and beverages, Hong Kong has a huge problem with single-use plastics.
    Source: Ben Kerckx;
    Time for a national strategy
    The US recycling landscape is far from consistent. The EPA wants to change that now with its “National Recycling Strategy”.
    Source: Shutterstock / Sanit Fuangnakhon
    Using VSDs for shredder control
    How WEG partner Technidrive engineered a bespoke solution for shredder control using a variable speed drive (VSD).
    Source: Andreas Lischka;
    World consumes half a trillion tonnes of virgin material
    The global economy is fuelling the climate crisis with more than half a trillion tonnes of virgin material consumed.

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    RECYCLING magazine 01 / 2022

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
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