Non-ferrous metals

Sustainable metal packaging is put at risk by PPWR proposal

| The provisions on reuse in the proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste endanger the competitiveness of the European food and beverage industry and its packaging value chain.

How sensor-based sorting technology is driving advances in e-waste recycling

| With e-waste continuing to be the fastest growing waste stream in the world, Tomra Recycling’s Segment Manager for Metal Recycling, Terence Keyworth, looks at the ways in which the latest advances in sensor-based sorting can provide new opportunities for e-scrap recyclers.
Design guide for flexible packaging containing aluminium foil in progress

Design guide for flexible packaging containing aluminium foil in progress

| CEFLEX in collaboration with Flexible Packaging Europe, the European Aluminium Foil Association and other key actors are working  on ‘Designing for a Circular Economy’ guidelines for flexible packaging containing aluminium foil.

Cronimet Group presents first sustainability report

| Cronimet Holding GmbH has published its first group-wide sustainability report.

How the can industry wants to meet its ambitious recycling rate targets

| Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) has published today a detailed aluminum beverage can recycling primer and roadmap that explains how the ambitious U.S. aluminum beverage can recycling rate targets that CMI members announced in November 2021 will be achieved.

Securing Europe’s Raw Material Supply

| The Future Availability of Secondary Raw Materials (Futuram) project commenced on 1st June 2022 and plans to play a key role in ensuring a secure supply of secondary and critical raw materials from within the European Union.

BIR: Strong criticism of EU plans on waste shipments

| At the annual convention of the Bureau of International Recycling, all divisions criticized the EU Commission's plans for greater regulation of waste shipments: Restricting trade would endanger businesses and recycling.

Tomra: Closing the loop on aluminum

| Tom Eng, Head of Tomra Recycling, held a presentation entitled “Closing the loop on aluminum – challenges and opportunities” at BIR World Recycling Convention in Barcelona on May 23rd.

ACE Green Recycling to roll out new Battery Recycling Facilities

| US-based recycling technology company, ACE Green Recycling (ACE) announces its plans to build and operate four new lithium-ion battery recycling facilities with a planned total annual capacity of over 30,000 tons.

Tomra: New generation for aluminum recycling

| According to Tomra, the next generation of X-TRACT combines synergies in metal and diamond recovery.

Study highlights vital role of aluminium cans in circular economy

| Research commissioned by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) into the recycling of three beverage container materials – aluminium, glass and plastic (PET) – has shown that aluminium cans best support a circular economy.

European aluminium industry on track with sustainability transition

| European Aluminium has today the outcome of the mid-term review of the sector’s Sustainability Roadmap Towards 2025.

Aluminium beverage can recycling remains at a high 76% in 2019

| A new report by Metal Packaging Europe and European Aluminium shows that the overall recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland remained stable in 2019 at 76% (75.8%).

New report underpins CO2 reduction benefit of aluminium recycling

| A new report by the industry association European Aluminium shows that the European aluminium refining industry is an excellent example of a modern circular economy business model thanks to its ability to recycle aluminium from multiple scrap streams efficiently.

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